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The Netherlands

+31 (0) 624226199

Walter White’s Espresso is dé mobiele koffiebar voor de lekkerste koffie op locatie. Op onze website kunt u alles vinden over wie wij zijn, waar wij voor staan en hoe u onze koffiebar op wielen kunt huren. Voor welke gelegenheid dan ook, onze full service koffie beleving op locatie maakt er iets onvergetelijks van. 

Why Walter White's?

A look behind the name

Both Walter and Nico are just a pair of ordinary guys. One is the lead character in the hit series Breaking Bad: an underpaid high school teacher cooking A-grade meth with the humble aim of supporting his family. The other is in the business of another drug. One that most people rely on to get them to their desk on time and through their mid-afternoon slump. A drug that’s in such high demand the world over, but here in the Netherlands especially. Last year, our coffee-loving nation was named the world’s biggest collective coffee consumers. Beating the espresso-drinking Italians and the flat white loving Aussies – Dutchies topped the list, downing an average 4.3 cups of the dark stuff every single day. Nico’s drug of choice? Caffeine, not crystal meth. And just like Walter, his output isn’t to be sniffed at (but is a bloody good deal at only 3 euros a pop).